Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swamp Sunset

Sunday afternoon my sister and I rode out into the swamp on Lake St. John on the jetski again. This time I was brave enough to take my camera. I'm getting a new one next week, so I figured if we flipped over, I would just grab the memory card and donate the rest of the equipment to the swamp. May it rest in piece, it has given me six years of constant use.

At the end of the day, no one flipped, and no cameras were lost. We did however, get stuck in the swamp and eventually had to get towed out by a very nice man named Mr. Kimbro and his dog Cookie. --The same thing happened to my husband and friend once, and he actually jumped in to the swamp and physically pulled them out. My sister and I both agreed that we would spend the night with the gators before either one of us touched slime or swamp vermin.

After looking through my images, I feel it was worth the 500 bug bites that I'm now smearing with Calamine Lotion, and I'm sorry mom and dad for worrying you! I'll send you images! Prints for the both of you for Christmas!

My gosh, I think we went at the most perfect time of the day too!

(There's Cookie there on the left!) 
Have a great day!


  1. Third pic down Brittany - Oh my gawd!

    1. I know! The bottom of that Cypress looks just like a skirt!

  2. that looks like so much fun! hilarious you had to get towed....and cookie is a cute name for a dog :)