Monday, June 17, 2013

The Natchez, Mississippi City Cemetery

Below are some pictures I took while walking around in the historic Natchez City Cemetery. There are graves there that go back to the late 1700s. My grandma and I used go there when I was little and we would walk around and she would show me where my relatives were buried. We liked to see where all the old, broken and sometimes hidden graves were. I'd pick out the pretty ones, and sometimes we would see some of the above ground ones that looked like they were broken in to and I would leave spooked!

Also, every year in the late Fall, the city of Natchez does a night time cemetery tour where they have actors pretend to be different people who were prominent in some way throughout Natchez history. Standing next to the grave of the person they are supposed to be, they dress in full costume and explain the details of their lives, just as if they were the actual person. It is so interesting to me! I've always been a history lover.

The beautiful, scenic Natchez, Mississippi River bridge.
We stopped off at the Natchez information center. I felt like a little kid on a field trip.

Where did you grow up? Do you still live there? 

Do you remember being 13?

If not, here is a good way to remember.

Tarai and my niece, Karah! Love these girls.

More from our Louisiana weekend

Here I go finally getting around to finishing up the rest of our Louisiana pictures. We just had so much fun. Evening boat rides are a common occurrence, and cocktails are a must! 

I can guarantee there was a grandiose story being told here just by the facial expression my mom is making!
Evening boat ride with Roo.
This is Tarai. The picture explains her personality to a T.
AJ's heavy metal air guitar. 
My adorable (and very funny) parents.
Fifteen minutes after this, a water moccasin swam up to our feet and freaked everybody out.
 This did not end well.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


We took the levee out to Natchez last week and nearly wrecked the car to let all the kids out to see the horses. I love photographing them, it's something I rarely get the opportunity to do. And I'm going just come out and say it, I'm totally scared of them! But they are so pretty. 

Just look at that tail!
This is the other side of the levee, and I want to point out the sign on the right side of the photo which reads "JJs," and has an arrow pointing to the house. In Louisiana, when the swamp takes over, you have to take the boat home! 

More photos soon! 

Snaps from Summer Fest

Though the weekend was happily consumed with running PhotoMoto, Caroline and I managed to slip away to some shows we wanted to see. This one happened to be Cat Power! We snapped a few shots on the way.

Next year I'm getting one of these parasols!
I love the way this pretty girl put the flowers in her hair.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scream Bloody Corn

Two thousand and thirteen has been the best year of my life. Things are moving along swiftly with the businesses, and the month of May wielded fun experiences and great photo opportunities with close friends and family. 

For example-- A corn field photo shoot!

...hence the post title.
AJ turned this field of corn in to a DEATH METAL FIELD OF CORN.

Yay! Check back for more random adventures from this trip. (We saw ponies!)