Monday, December 15, 2014

Moonshine Turns One Year Old Tomorrow

It's very hard to believe that this little thing was seven weeks old and twelve pounds when we got her last January. For the first four days we had her, I turned the entire living room into a bed, stayed home from work and just just stared at her. I OD'ed on puppy breath that week, and got turned into a human chew toy. All the neighbors we had on Steel St. came to see her. Now she is over one hundred pounds, and takes up our whole king sized bed when splayed out. I still OD on dog breath, and I am still a human chew toy, despite my best efforts. 

To celebrate her one year of life, I've pulled my favorite baby photos of her. Just look at this little sweetheart.

Not always nice.
Playing with Griff.
In March, she officially became a Louisiana lake dog.
She can be, at times, be reflective.
With Gamaw.

I love her so much. So, so much. Baby girl.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Model Moment

Pixel Studio Productions has recently hired me to do model head shots and lifestyle photos for their talent division, BEAZ Inc. This is my latest with model Stacy.

We had originally met at Double Trouble with the intent of shooting all down Main St., but got rained out and randomly ended up at my friend Pete's incredible Spanish style house with this open central terrace after he saw us contemplating plan B. Us girls felt like we were in Europe for the morning, thanks to Pete. Thank you Pete! I owe you one.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ann & Carl Tie the Knot

It can be hard to narrow down my favorite pictures from a 9 hour wedding into a blog post that isn't 100 pictures deep, but I did my best. I was honored to shoot this special day between Ann and Carl. There was so much going on, and bridesmaids everywhere!! My second shooter, Jasmine, got the guys getting dressed. 

After the ceremony, we all headed to the Nouveau Art Bar for dinner, dancing, many, many photos and a sparkling exit!

I was told that the groom painted the names on to the hangers. *So sweet*

Jasmine, arranging the boys for photos.

Christmas Family Shoot

My friend Jason is seriously one of the funniest people I've ever met. He makes me laugh so hard, I can't speak. I'm not sure if it's because I've found a friend who shares my 8 year old boy humor, or who is fellow Louisiana folk; but either way, he got put in my Friend Pocket at day one. 

This week I got to meet his better half, Sarah, who asked me if I could take their holiday family pictures, and then stay and eat spaghetti afterwards! Yes! Plus, I was excited to finally meet Sarah and his two kids because as you know, the apples don't fall far from the tree! 

So we met at a park by their house to do some outside shots, and then went back to the house where Jason had a specific request for a photo he called 'Silent Night.' Just scroll down all the way to the bottom, and you'll see his photographic vision of a perfect Christmas.

AAAAAND here it is!