Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 is feeling good so far


So on Sunday afternoon, Austin and I took our Great Dane, Ruthie,  to the park to watch a group of Larpers battle it out on a field. (You can see their FB fan page here). Can I just say that these kids looked awesome in combat with each other? It was exciting to watch, and to be honest, it kind of made me want to do it too.  Some of our friends ended up joining us, (and a few stray chihuahaus!) and we had a grand little time. Check it out!

I looked down and saw this little, little thing!
Ruthie loves little dogs. She's got a momma complex.
Friends showed up with frozen yogurt!

We had a great day at the park! I think we may go back next weekend too.

Have a great day!


I'll start off this first post explaining about what is to come here. I'm a professional photographer. I love to shoot, it doesn't matter what. I'll lose myself for an hour just shooting a leaf. (This gets much worse with portraits! Oh!) I try to carry my camera with me everywhere, which leaves me with loads of images that need a home. I wanted a spot to showcase these photos that I'm proud of, but don't necessarily need to be in my professional portfolio. That's why I made this blog. Please do have a peek at my website.

 Let's make this more personal, because I am an intimate person. This is me with my husband, Austin, who is super awesome. You'll probably see a lot of him.

: )