Monday, November 17, 2014

Bar Mitzvah ExtravaganZAH!

On Halloween night, I shot my very first Bar Mitzvah! Knowing the parents of this child, I knew that a phenomenal party was about to ensue; however, I was not prepared to have such a gloriously fun time. This party beat any teenage party I've ever been to, or frankly even heard about. Piles.. PILES of candy and cupcakes, Superman, a photo booth, professional hip hop dancers and a temporary tattoo station. Looking back, it definitely trumped my 13th birthday party at Spanky's pizza on Nasa Road 1. 

Check it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Countries come together

Remember that cute courthouse wedding that I shot back in May? Well, they had their wedding reception in October at AvantGarden! Both of their families' flew in, his from Scotland and hers from Venezuela. I met them at their house where everyone was getting dressed. Scottish accents and Spanish were heard throughout the house and wine and champagne were being passed around . The mood was joyful.