Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Louisiana and Mississippi shots, sans swamp drama

 This is Harold, who pulled over his pickup to come talk to my sister and I while I was photographing the cotton fields. He had a thick Cajun accent, and he thought we were "foreigners from West Texas." He happily posed for a portrait.

Captain Gene, preparing the boat.
Damn ducks. They poop everywhere!
 My parents have a Bengal cat named Jagger.
 No one is safe from the paparazzi.
 This is a pool in Natchez that my mom used to swim at as a child. Sadly, it has been closed for decades due to  racial issues. 
View of the Mississippi River from the deck of a plantation home turned restaurant. (I ate the best pastry wrapped chicken there!) And see that kitty? He was completely limp and open to some serious affection. I gave him loads.
Have a great afternoon!


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    1. Aww! Thanks! Those cotton fields are just amazing to be in.

  2. Love, Love your work!! Been trying to keep track of you and Traci since I first found you on Flickr about four years ago!

    1. Well you're in luck because I just re-activated my Flickr so there are tons of photos on there that were previously hidden. Thanks for liking my stuff. :)

  3. I like how genuine your blog is!
    how can I follow you?

    Abi K