Monday, September 17, 2012

Iceland Photo Diary

I have always, always been obsessed with traveling. It was a debilitating daydream of mine as a child, and as I grew older I constantly wondered about different landscapes, cities and cultures. I loved looking at maps and globes. 

Today I looked through some of our film photos from trip to Iceland. This has been my favorite place visit so far!  I felt at home with first sight of land from the airplane. 

Murphy and I. The Beagle puppy who belonged to Rútur and Ólöf, the friends we stayed with.
Large and fluffy Icelandic pony. (Super soft).
Viktor, Sifi, and Rútur, either watching Southpark or playing video games.
 Dinner at Rútur's family's house in Vik. Cauliflower soup and Pâté 
 with eggs, meat and vegetables. There is always an infinite supply of hot tea in Iceland.
 Whaling boats in the Reykjavik harbor.
 Whale meat kebap.
Murphy, with ears like velvet.
Purple field of flowers in Vik.
Little ones eating hot dogs. Icelander's love their hot dogs.
Ólöf and Rútur's kitty. Very small and angry. 
Myself, on our first day in Iceland.
Austin, having lunch at Prikid.
Are you a traveler? Where would you like to go?


  1. I'm a wanna be traveler. I would like to go everywhere. :) But Hawaii, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Rome, New Amsterdam, are a few I'll list.

    1. Hi Soph, yes to all of those for me please. I went to Hawaii as a kid.

  2. ohh man i do love it.. i want to go to Australia and Germany, Spain... japan.. Thailand.. and the list goes on!

  3. I would SO love to visit Iceland. It's on my list. I am the same as you, and I often wonder about some people who just have no desire to leave their state!