Thursday, January 16, 2014

Curt & Alkesta Engagement

These are two absolutely delightful and funny people who I think make a perfect pair. We had a great time shooting together. Alkesta is from Albania, and Curtis went to grade school with my husband Austin. Curt made me a pink cocktail at the end of our shoot, which ended with us taking the last bit of portraits at their apartment, and I cannot stop thinking about how nice it was. 

Paper City Houston shoot

I got spoilt on this one. Michelle Avina from Paper City and I went to shoot some amazing businesses last week. Every place we went, we got fed! The first stop was at Big and Juicy Juice Bar, which is situated inside Big Yoga off Allen Parkway. They prepared several fresh mixed juices for us and we had everything from wheatgrass to spicy, beety concoctions. I felt like a kid in a candy store!  

Peering through the wheatgrass, these girls know what they're doing.
Don't mind if I do have a little Worry Free Tea.
The Owner of Big and Juicy, Becki O'Brien. (Drinking lots of juice apparently also makes you gorgeous, inside and out.)

Round Two

Next we went over to El Big Bad, the newest restaurant babied from El Gran Malo. (My favorite tequila joint!) And guess what? They've got even more tequila over here! Hibiscus, Horchata and jalapeno, to name a few. Owners Lea McKinney and Steve Sharma had their cooks throw us together some fresh salad and a salsa sampler and it was absolutely excellent. This place is going to be a definite downtown staple.


Now go have some juice and some tequila.