Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Much Needed Beach Getaway

Last weekend some girlfriends and I escaped the city and drove down to the coast. We brought a truck load of nail polish (and of course stopped to get more on the way!). One of the girls made an awesome Tater Tot Casserole topped with goat cheese and a Better Than Sex Cake that was so good that we were all eating it for breakfast. It was a nice time, and we lazed around barely leaving the house, except to run off to the beach for a couple of hours on Saturday,

We also drank a lot of tequila.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Foam Swords and Neon

I have had the most wonderful week of picture-taking!

This past weekend we were back at Mandell Park all afternoon with our friends and their dogs to watch the LARPers. I can't put in to words how nice the weather was, I'll just let you feel that sunlight come out through the pictures.

Below here you'll see my friend Caroline, possibly the cutest girl I know, decked out in neon regalia in full show of her ferocity which came in to full swing after being loaned a foam sword from one of the LARPers. Her war partner/husband was running her all around the perimeters of our picnic area to ensure that all intruders were fatally wounded. There's a lot of determination (and attitude) behind those orange sunglasses, let me tell you.