Friday, November 2, 2012

Key to my Louisiana Heart

Wooo! I was swamped with weddings in October! Five in total, one of which I was a guest, though I WISH I would have worked it. It was at the super elegant Brennan's in downtown Houston, and the bride was just extraordinarily beautiful. (You can catch a peek of her in the fifth photo down!). I went as the date of one of my besties, Melissa. I didn't even know the bride and groom, but you never would of known it because they were so warm and welcoming to me. Both of them gave me hugs! I just love being in the company of good people.

What also topped off this day was that they hired a 5-piece brass band from NOLA named the Kinfolks, who played their entire wedding. I danced myself all over the dance floor with this nice elderly man, and couldn't of been happier. ...At the end of the day we even did a second line! Mel and I were like kids in a candy store prancing our Southern-butts down the street with handkerchiefs flying in the air.

Best day ever.

I *love* that his tie says "New Orleans."
 Two things I would have if I were rich:

1. A person to rub my feet every day

2. A brass band to play for me every morning while I got dressed. (Sorry Austin!)

Have an exceptional day!!

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