Monday, June 25, 2012

Swamp Patrol

I grew up in a very small Louisiana town. My family owned the local radio station, and if you got pulled over for a speeding ticket, you were on the front page of the newspaper. Although we moved away when I was nine to Houston, my grandparents lived there their whole lives and eventually my parents moved back. It is my favorite place in the world. When I drive past the fields I used to play in, or see the dock we used to swim off, I am fiercely overcome with nostalgia.

And the swamps. How do I even begin?

They're deep and glassy in the evening, and chartreuse at day, and the best time to visit them is a night, in the pitch black.

(The Rosalie, in Natchez). I took many a tour with my grandma.
The swamp next to KFNV, our old radio station. A car crashed into it once.

Oh dear! The dog is drivin' the boat!

Where is your favorite place and why?


  1. My favorite place is Nacogdoches, TX which is my true home and seems very similar to your's. These photos are beautiful and made my heart ache a bit. Luckily I will be behind the Pine Curtain soon enough!