Saturday, June 9, 2012

Free Mustache Rides

Last weekend Austin and I helped our friend Jason Poland run the mustache ride at the Free Press Summer Fest. These boys got together and made a giant mustache-shaped seesaw for the occasion and my friend Julai sewed us some matching mustache dresses!

After going to Summer Fest and experiencing the heat, I've come up with some new and more appropriate names for it like:

The Gates of Fiery Hell Fest
Share Sweat with Strangers Fest
Dehydration Festival
Inappropriate Tween Ass Fest

Any of these could work!

All jokes aside, just wear your bathing suit and make use of the water operated art installations and you'll be fine.


  1. oh my gosh, i had to check out the post with a title like that, knew it would be good, and it is funny!

  2. Haha, Thanks. It was a lot of fun.