Thursday, April 26, 2012

Steel Street

Today, my long-time friend Traci came over to visit. In all the years that we've know each other, I can surely say that there has not been a single time when we were together that we didn't take pictures. Even if we were running to the gas station to get cold medicine and Topo Chico, there would be an impromptu photo shoot in the parking lot (probably with the gas station attendant). Because of her, I have an extensive library of photos, both film and digital, documenting each of my bad haircuts and random breakfast buffet plates in small Texas towns. 

Here are some of our afternoon photos, taken in my front yard, the neighbor's back yards, the laundry room and every other little crevasse around my Steel Street complex. 


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    1. Thanks Lisa! It was such a pretty day!

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  3. oh, sweet street street. these are beautiful photographs, brittany. feel free to come on in to our backyard to take pics whenever ya want...!

    1. Well, I AM becoming obsessed with vegetables now. I'd love to come photograph your garden (maybe with the farmers in it).

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    1. Get your hinney down here Ash!! You can always stay with me or Traci!
      Sending you fistfuls of hugs.

  5. my favorite is of your friend looking through the broken window.