Monday, March 16, 2015

Dance Party Wedding!

When I first arrived to the venue, Noah's, in Katy to shoot this wedding, I had no idea how much entertainment was in my future. The wedding couple were cool and relaxed while hanging out with family and friends before the ceremony, while I ran about getting my shots.

Everything was going smooth. Once the ceremony was over,  the newlyweds came in to the reception and started doing their first dance... until the music jerked to a stop. Everyone looked surprised as the sound of hip hop jolted out of the speakers and we all watched in amazement as the bride and groom tore. it. up. I'm pretty sure my mouth hung open. They were SO good; clearly confident and trained in the art of hip hop. I loved it, and the guests loved it too!  The performance ended with a hooping and hollering standing ovation from their guests, and even some of the people who worked the venue. And it wasn't over after that. The groom and his mother also had a routine that started with ballroom dancing, and ended up rousing the crowd up for a second time with more hip hop.

The entire family danced! The bride's cousins even came out for an encore to Footloose. Such. Fun. Enjoy these photos. I've left the best for last!

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