Monday, December 15, 2014

Moonshine Turns One Year Old Tomorrow

It's very hard to believe that this little thing was seven weeks old and twelve pounds when we got her last January. For the first four days we had her, I turned the entire living room into a bed, stayed home from work and just just stared at her. I OD'ed on puppy breath that week, and got turned into a human chew toy. All the neighbors we had on Steel St. came to see her. Now she is over one hundred pounds, and takes up our whole king sized bed when splayed out. I still OD on dog breath, and I am still a human chew toy, despite my best efforts. 

To celebrate her one year of life, I've pulled my favorite baby photos of her. Just look at this little sweetheart.

Not always nice.
Playing with Griff.
In March, she officially became a Louisiana lake dog.
She can be, at times, be reflective.
With Gamaw.

I love her so much. So, so much. Baby girl.