Monday, May 12, 2014

Destination Wedding with Brandon and Maegan

I was overjoyed to be the photographer for these two and my heart is truly happy for them that they were able to get their entire immediate family to a remote location to tie the knot. It was a beautiful, low-key ceremony, and it was the first time I've ever done my job barefoot! I loved every minute of being there, and documenting their week in Culebra. (See the next post down for the non-wedding images). I can't wait to do another destination wedding. Who's next?

The bride's sister.
I found this coral the day before the wedding! It made a great ring stand.
Sea fans make great earring holders!
I'm buying these in every color for Summer.
I had to!


We headed to Koni Beach to do a stress-free-sunset-post-wedding-bride-and-groom-shoot!

Here's our behind the scenes girls that made this shoot happen. Me, Megan London (Make-up Artist), Maegan and Hannah, who shot me shooting them.

Thank you Maegan and Brandon, for being incredible people. I'm so fortunate to have you guys in my life.

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