Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stephanie at the beach

In the six years before I branched out to photograph weddings and whatnot, I primarily shot editorial style photos of people, particularly girls. What got me in to that, was being the subject in these types of shoots. Traci Matlock and Ashley Maclean, both my mentors, are single handedly responsible for why I shoot today, and even picked up a camera back in 2004. Shooting with them often ran up to 12 hours long, blowing through countless rolls of film and Polaroids.  It was not unheard of to see us scantily clad and running through old warehouses, tromping barefoot through shrubs, destroying each other's apartments with silly string and glitter and/or dumping buckets of water on each other in 60 degree weather. The possibility of going to jail for indecent exposure was always present. We were wild and young. And they made photos that were on another level of creativity and love, and I sucked all of this in like a sponge. 

Making sexy photos is something I've fallen away from, considering we photographed each other weekly, sometimes daily, for seven years. I'm so ready to do more, and I have, but just wasn't really sure of how to integrate it into my wedding business. I often tried to hide it, in fear that it might drive people away, but I've decided to welcome it back. It is a part of who I am, and I love doing it.


The full set of photos will be up on my website this week!