Wednesday, October 2, 2013

1970s Inspired Hair Shoot

Well I had a ball at my latest shoot for Cutloose Salon, which has been a Montrose staple in haircutting for the past 20 years. They wanted new website and salon shots for for their Fall/Winter hairstyle inspiration, which was everything from the 1970s! There was a plethora of polyester, textures and wild hairdos. We had so much fun that my face hurt from laughing the next day. I think I even had tears in my eyes a few times. 

Here are the more casual looks. We then transition over to evening halfway down and thinks get really crazy.

We had a quick costume and hair change to transition in to "The Dinner Party."
Yep, that's a plate of "cocaine." Per request. I do what the client asks for!

Have a positively groovy evening.

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