Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Homemade soy latte and Hello Kitty cake

I have a girlfriend who makes specialty cakes! She was making a Hello Kitty cake for her little girl's birthday, and I watched this woman stress, sweat  and probably gain muscle mass while rolling out hard fondant balls the size of baseballs. Though I didn't get to try the cake, she did make me the best soy latte I believe I've ever had in my entire life (no joke!), and she shoved an icing-covered ball of fondant in my mouth during the process. It was deliciously sweet!

 Have a great week!


  1. oh my goodness that is amazing! i don't think i have the concentration to make something like that but i surely do appreciate it and will of course eat it too :D glad your back sweetie!

    1. : ) It takes a WHOLE LOTTA TIME. I appreciate those cake makers!

      Glad to see you on the intrawebs too!